Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winding Down

We are coming to the end of our time as Local Reps for the LMS in the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle having (the old man) reached the age when the LMS statutes lay down we should offer our resignations. Having reached this milestone in May 2013 we were asked to remain in post for a further year. That year expires on 31st December 2014 & we are happy to be handing over to 3 younger people. They are Philip Dillon & husband & wife team Andrew & Jayne Armstrong. Not only are they taking on the roles of LRs but they have set up the first chapter of Juventutem in the diocese based at St Joseph's in Gateshead, begun Rosary & Adoration each Thursday prior to midday Mass, Arranged with Fr Michael Brown for Latin classes each Tuesday evening & are hoping to resurrect the First Friday devotions. For those unaware Juventutem is an organisation for young Catholics who have a love & preference for the EF Mass & all 3 are ardent members of the LMS. We are happy to be handing over the reins to 3 such keen young people who can only progress the Society further in this diocese. We wish them well. At the same time we would like to thank the clergy who have supported us in our endeavours over the years & to thank the laity for supporting both us & the clergy. We will continue to support the LMS & have promised Philip, Andrew & Jayne that we will be there to assist in whatever way they require.


  1. I offer my prayers for the new LMS reps, and for the venture as the first chapter of Juventutem in Hexham and Newcastle. May God bless them in their personal lives and in their apostolic endeavours. Thanks to you and Theresa for much hard work during your tenure as reps. God bless you in your (very probably!) active retirement.

  2. You have both done sterling work in H&N. God bless you both and all good wishes to your successors.