Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prayers please

Please remember in your prayers Sister M Agnes OSC a Poor Clare nun now resident with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Newcastle. Although not a member of the LMS (she is still an 'enclosed' nun) she has a great love of the EF & gratefully receives her own copy of 'Mass of Ages' together with the diocesan newsletter put out every 2 months by us.

For most of her religious life she was a member of the community of Clare Abbey in Darlington but when that community merged with another abbey in the south of England she could not travel so moved into St Joseph's Home as a resident - still daily wearing her full habit!

She is over 90 years old & has a very bad chest some much so that she was taken into the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle on Monday evening. She is a wonderful, holy lady with a tremendous sense of humour who is loved by sisters, staff & residents of St Joseph's.

Her own prayer list is huge & very efficacious as many will vouch for. We have added greatly to her list so-much-so that she tells us she has to rise earlier each day to complete it.

Theresa & I have very much taken Sr Agnes to our hearts and beg your prayers for her well-being.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Altar rails & receiving Holy Communion

I would recommend looking at Fr Bede Rowe's blog 'A Chaplain Abroad - Fr Bede Rowe' which deals with the reasons for either the maintaining or replacing altar rails. Few with any sense of what is right would disagree with him.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Mass at St Mary's, Forest Hall on Saturday 19th November

There will be no EF Saturday Mass at 10am on 19th November 2011.

Please advise anyone you know who regularly attends.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Recently ordained bishop steps in at last moment to enable Latin Mass Society confirmations to go ahead

Rt Rev John Sherrington, newly installed auxiliary bishop of Westminster, conferred Confirmations in the Traditional Rite on 31 candidates at a ceremony organised by the Latin Mass Society (LMS) at St James's, Spanish Place in central London on Saturday 12th November 2011.

Originally, Bishop Alan Hopes of Westminster was intending to confer the Sacrament but had to withdraw at the very last moment owing to ill health. Bishop Sherrington stepped into the breach at less than 24 hours notice to ensure a very successful and happy occasion went ahead as scheduled. He was assisted by Fr Andrew Southwell, the LMS National Chaplain, Fr Tim Finigan and the rector of St James's, Fr Christopher Colven.

After celebrating Pontifical Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament the bishop joined candidates and their families and friends in the Parish Social Centre for a buffet lunch where he also cut one of two celebratory cakes.

LMS General Manager Mike Lord said 'We were delighted to have the chance to meet Bishop Sherrington for the first time since his installation and grateful that he was able to help us out at such short notice. It was a joyful occasion for all involved. I understand this was the first time that the bishop had administered Confirmations in the Traditional Rite, but it was a seamless performance, drawing complimentary remarks from the clergy who assisted him, all of whom are experienced hands in the Extraordinary Form. We were very happy that Bishop Sherrington spent time chatting to the candidates and their families afterwards, even delaying his departure for another appointment to ensure that had the opportunity of speaking to everyone. Westminster archdiocese is fortunate to have acquired an auxiliary so pastorally attuned to the needs of ordinary Catholics, whatever form of the liturgy they are attached to.'

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cathedral Mass

Thanks to Cathedral Dean, Fr Peter Leighton, for allowing an EF Solemn High Mass in St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne today, the Feast of the Holy Relics of the Diocese.

The celebrant was Fr Michael Brown (St Mary's Forest Hall) Northern Chaplain of the LMS with Fr David Phillips (St Mary & St Thomas, Stella) as deacon and Fr Shaun Swales (SS Joseph, Patrick & Cuthbert, Coxhoe) as subdeacon. 2 other diocesan priests were in the congregation.

The Proper of the Mass was sung in Gregorian Chant by the Schola Sancti Baedae and the Ordinary of the Mass "Missa L'Hora Passa" by Viadana was sung by a choir directed by Shaun Turnbull. Both choirs also contributed motets, Brunkner's "Locus Iste" and "Attende Domine". Shaun Turnbull also played the entrance & recessional voluntaries on the organ.

There were 150-200 in the congregation.

Sadly our diocesan bishop, Rt Rev Seamus Cunningham, was unable to be present due to a full diary but we continue to hope that he may join our celebration in 2012.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Solemn High Mass at Cathedral

Just a final reminder of the EF Solemn High Mass on Saturday 5th November 2011 - Feast of the Holy Relics - at 10am in St Mary's Cathedral, Clayton Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The cathedral is situated directly opposite Newcastle Central Railway Station and the area is very well served by mainline trains, Metro and local bus services. It is suggested that wherever possible these public services are used as city centre parking is both scarce and expensive.

The Cathedral Cafe will be open after Mass for those requiring refereshments. We look forward to welcoming a big congregation.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holy Day Masses

My previous blog led to some confusion regarding Masses at Thornley. Although I mentioned Thornley I did not give Mass times.

I am asked to confirm - which I willingly do - that EF Masses are only celebrated at Thornley on Holy Days which fall on Sundays. The normal Sunday Mass continues of course.

With apologies to anyone who may have been misled.