Saturday, August 30, 2014

Juventutem Chapter formed in Hexham & Newcastle diocese

Wonderful news for the youth of the diocese. Under the leadership of Philip Dillon & husband & wife Andrew & Jayne Armstrong a chapter of Juventutem has been started in the diocese based at St Joseph's Church in Gateshead. Aimed largely at the youth favouring the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite the chapter, which will meet monthly at St Joseph's, aims to strengthen the Faith of young Catholics as well as offering help to our priests and, hopefully, to ensure that traditional Catholic teaching is available. You may already be aware that Juventutem has a great presence both nationally & internationally and its members are always in attendance at World Youth Day, the Chartres Pilgrimage & the Walsingham Pilgrimage, organised by the Latin Mass Society, which has just finished. The founders of the chapter hope to be able to arrange things such as a Diocesan Rosary Rally which no longer seems to exist in the diocese. Please let everyone know of this new initiative and ask interested young people to contact Philip Dillon or Andrew & Jayne Armstrong to find out how to become involved. More especially remember these young people in your prayers. More details of contacts & meeting dates will be forthcoming soon.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

LMS Calendars

The beautifully produced calendars are in production for 2015 and we strongly advise you to place your orders as soon as possible. The price is expected to be similar to last year - £8 each - and it is hoped that they should be available by mid - November. We encourage early ordering as this beautifully produced full colour calendar sells out very quickly. Those of you who have purchased in previous years will know that in addition to photographs of LMS events throughout the country it also gives details of feast days throughout the year. The bonus is that it is also raising money to allow the LMS to continue to support the EF Mass & the priests who celebrate it as well as the congregations who attend. First come - first served!!

Brinkburn High Mass Reminder

Just a quick reminder of the Solemn High Mass to be celebrated at Brinkburn Priory on Saturday 6th September at 12 noon. This is an annual event & has become very popular due to the idyllic nature of the priory and the opportunity to spend a day in the beautiful solitude of the Northumberland countryside. It can well be imagined why the Augustinian monks chose this setting for their priory. The priory is easily reached by road; from the A1 take the turnoff to Rothbury just north of Morpeth & the priory is well signposted some 10 miles along the road on the left. We look forward to welcoming returning attendees & offer a warm welcome to new friends.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blog of 'LMS Chairman'

A blog exists titled 'LMS Chairman' & a recent article is entitled "To understand ISIS,look at Anglicanism". The blog can be viewed as the blog of the Latin Mass Society although, to be fair, Dr Joseph Shaw (Chairman of LMS) does try to distance his personal remarks from those of the Society. But who reads the disclaimer? Please read the blog & you will note that a number of people have taken issue with the article which, in my opinion, is unhelpful & being less that charitable is downright rude to Anglicans. Please read the blog & form your own opinion

Brinkburn music

The music for the Solemn High Mass will be provided by the Rudgate Singers accompanied by organist Paul Dewhirst. The choir will be augmented by singers from the Westland Singers of Sunderland. The Proper will be sung from the Graduale Romanum. The Ordinary of the Mass will be 'Mass a tre voci con Missa Orbis Factor' by Lotti arranged by Christian Spence. The Offertory motet will be 'O Virgo Splendas' annon gtom Liber Vermell de Montserrat The Comminion motet will be 'Adoro Te Devote' by Mariano Garau The final antiphon will be the Solemn Salve regina The sacred ministers will be V Rev Dr Michael Brown with Rev Fr D D Phillips and Rev Deacon Andrew Bunce

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Just a timely reminder of the Solemn High Mass to be celebrated at Brinkburn Priory in Northumberland at 12noon on Saturday 6th September. Over the years this has become an annual event which we hope will continue. The venue gives the congregation the opportunity to experience Mass in a truly historic place & should enable us to join our worship with that of the millions of Catholics who have shared the beauty of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass over the hundreds of years it was celebrated in this holy place. Watch this & other blogs for more details of the music &, most importantly, how to get there.