Saturday, August 30, 2014

Juventutem Chapter formed in Hexham & Newcastle diocese

Wonderful news for the youth of the diocese. Under the leadership of Philip Dillon & husband & wife Andrew & Jayne Armstrong a chapter of Juventutem has been started in the diocese based at St Joseph's Church in Gateshead. Aimed largely at the youth favouring the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite the chapter, which will meet monthly at St Joseph's, aims to strengthen the Faith of young Catholics as well as offering help to our priests and, hopefully, to ensure that traditional Catholic teaching is available. You may already be aware that Juventutem has a great presence both nationally & internationally and its members are always in attendance at World Youth Day, the Chartres Pilgrimage & the Walsingham Pilgrimage, organised by the Latin Mass Society, which has just finished. The founders of the chapter hope to be able to arrange things such as a Diocesan Rosary Rally which no longer seems to exist in the diocese. Please let everyone know of this new initiative and ask interested young people to contact Philip Dillon or Andrew & Jayne Armstrong to find out how to become involved. More especially remember these young people in your prayers. More details of contacts & meeting dates will be forthcoming soon.

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  1. Contact details are:
    Philip Dillon
    Andrew & Jayne Armstrong