Saturday, October 30, 2010

Douai Martyrs

Today was Recollection Day at St Joseph's Church in Gateshead with Fr Simon Leworthy FSSP giving 2 wonderful conferences on the Holy Rosary. Fr Simon stepped in at the last moment replacing Fr de Malleray who was called to France. About 25 attended the conferences including Neil Walker the representative of Leeds diocese who came up with his son. The southern part of the diocese - Barnard Castle and Darlington - was represented as was Durham and Tyneside and Wearside but we had hoped that more might have availed themselves of this wonderful opportunity. The day included Confessions heard by Fr Simon and our own priest Fr Adrian Dixon. Following the conferences we had a Solemn High Mass for the feast of the Blessed Martyrs of Douai. The celebrant was Fr Leworthy with Frs Phillips and Brown as deacon and subdeacon. In his sermon Fr Brown reminded us that Ushaw College is the spiritual descendant of Douai where so many of our martyrs trained. Each year this feast is celebrated at the college but, due to it's announced closure in 2011, this might be the last year this happens. Following Mass we had a social time together with a shared table and the opportunity so rarely there to get together and share experiences. We are hoping to repeat the experience next year and hope that even more LMS members and friends will avail themselves of the opportunity to be together.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Recollection Day for Laity

Just a final reminder of our Recollection Day at St Joseph's, Gateshead on Saturday 30th October 2010. The recollection conferences will now be given by Fr Simon Lerworthy FSSP in place of Fr Armand de Malleray. The first conference begins at 10am & will conclude with Solemn High Mass at 12 noon. Confessions will be heard during the morning. Please remember to bring food for a shared table; tea, coffee etc will be provided. A retiring collection will be made to offset the costs. Please try to attend & let fellow Catholics know. The day is for ALL Catholics not simply those preferring the EF of Mass.

All Saints & All Souls

Please note that Low Mass will be celebrated at St Mary's, Forest Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 1st November 2010 for the Feast of All Saints. Missa Cantata will be celebrated at SS Peter & Paul, Longbenton at 7.30pm on Tuesday 2nd November 2010 for the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls) The celebrant of both Masses will be Fr Michael Brown

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Opinion

I have been taken to task by 2/3 people regarding my comments regarding Bishop Cunningham's unavailability to attend the cathedral Mass & about the closure of Ushaw College. I wish to make it perfectly plain that whatever postings appear in this blog they represent my own PERSONAL opinions & feelings on the subjects & may in no way be attributed to the Latin Mass Society even though Theresa & I are Joint Diocesan Representatives. I accept that my postings may not sit comfortably with some readers but, as I accept other opinions, so must mine be accepted.

Cathedral Mass

Regretfully, due to costs & logistics, there will be NO BUFFET OR MEETING following the Mass at St Mary's Cathedral on 20th November. The costs were quite horrendous &, of course, we were unable to advise numbers. We looked at alternatives outside the city centre but again numbers presented a problem as did the logistics of transporting people to the venue. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cathedral Mass

The plans are ongoing for the Solemn High Mass at St Mary's Cathedral on SATURDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2010 at 11.30am. One great disappointment is that our diocesan bishop Rt Rev Seamus Cunningham will not attend since his "diary is extremely busy and unfortunately due to other engagements" he is unable to attend. Are we second class citizens in this diocese? Has Bishop Seamus attended ANY EF Masses? I recall him once sitting in choir during Sunday Low Mass at St Joseph's, Gateshead when carrying out a visitation as Vicar General.

Ushaw College to close

We have had information that Ushaw College is to be closed as a seminary. My blood boils when thinking how much was spent on the creation of the "Youth (or YOOF?) Village" in the diocese. So much was subscribed by honest Catholic laity to have this monstrosity of Modernity thrust upon us to train(?) our young people. Surely less money could have been expended in renovating & continuing the modernisation of the historic fabric of Ushaw College with all it has given to the diocese & Church. What can we do? I have heard that some are writing to Northern Cross (if they publish such letters) but this isn't something having an effect on those who love the EF of the Roman Rite it is important to ALL Catholics throughout the north whose diocesan priests were trained there - however badly some turned out rubrically! Archbishop Kelly tells us that it was "a difficult decision" to agree the closure but were the alumni consulted? Surely they are due some consideration. Perhaps we should consider a petition against the move. Please let me know what you think.