Saturday, October 30, 2010

Douai Martyrs

Today was Recollection Day at St Joseph's Church in Gateshead with Fr Simon Leworthy FSSP giving 2 wonderful conferences on the Holy Rosary. Fr Simon stepped in at the last moment replacing Fr de Malleray who was called to France. About 25 attended the conferences including Neil Walker the representative of Leeds diocese who came up with his son. The southern part of the diocese - Barnard Castle and Darlington - was represented as was Durham and Tyneside and Wearside but we had hoped that more might have availed themselves of this wonderful opportunity. The day included Confessions heard by Fr Simon and our own priest Fr Adrian Dixon. Following the conferences we had a Solemn High Mass for the feast of the Blessed Martyrs of Douai. The celebrant was Fr Leworthy with Frs Phillips and Brown as deacon and subdeacon. In his sermon Fr Brown reminded us that Ushaw College is the spiritual descendant of Douai where so many of our martyrs trained. Each year this feast is celebrated at the college but, due to it's announced closure in 2011, this might be the last year this happens. Following Mass we had a social time together with a shared table and the opportunity so rarely there to get together and share experiences. We are hoping to repeat the experience next year and hope that even more LMS members and friends will avail themselves of the opportunity to be together.


  1. David and Theresa,

    Can I say how much I enjoyed the Day of Recollection. Congratulations to all who were invlved in any way to its success.

    Fr Brown's sermon on the Martyrs, and especially St John Boste was timely and thought provoking, especially bearing in mind the impending (possible) closure of Douai's daughter at Ushaw.

  2. Thanks to you both and Fr. Simon for such an inspiring event.