Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cathedral Mass

Regretfully, due to costs & logistics, there will be NO BUFFET OR MEETING following the Mass at St Mary's Cathedral on 20th November. The costs were quite horrendous &, of course, we were unable to advise numbers. We looked at alternatives outside the city centre but again numbers presented a problem as did the logistics of transporting people to the venue. Sorry.

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  1. No need to be sorry. I know from my own experience how difficult it can be 'recruiting' singers for services throughout the North. (I'm currently metaphorically tearing my hair out due to some people saying they'll take part in certain events and then not turning up for rehearsals, despite being emailed chapter + verse re details...)

    So, to organise such a prestigious service as Solemn High Mass in the Cathedral of the Diocese is a considerable feat on its own, never mind anything else like a buffet afterwards, and you and everyone involved in arranging for the Mass to be celebrated there deserve to be congratulated!