Monday, December 15, 2014

The End

This will be the final posting on this blog as we demit office on 31st December 2014 & pass the flame to our new Local Representatives of the Latin Mass Society in the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle. We are remaining within the traditional flock & have promised Philip, Andrew & Jayne whatever assistance they may request. No doubt a new blog will be forthcoming very early in 2015 &, it is hoped, that the 2 monthly newsletter will continue to be sent both to local LMS members & to others who might find the contents useful and/or interesting. Our last official duty was to attend the annual meeting of LRs in London last Saturday & to meet those of our fellow representatives who managed to attend. It is always good to hear how others overcome difficulties which seem insurmountable initially.


  1. Thank you for your enthusiasm over the years.
    may God bless you and yours this Christmas and beyond.
    God bless and guide our new reps too.

  2. It was grand working with you both for a time. Your dedication to, and knowledge of, the cause - whilst mixing humility, approachability and effortless great humour - have been examples I hope never to forget. Nor a lesson of yours that I've added to my mental armoury: shy bairns get nowt! Prayers and thanks.

    Gregory W.A. Murphy