Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mass at Biddlestone Chapel

The annual Mass will take place on Saturday 18th June at 12 noon. It will be a Missa Cantata & the celebrant will be Fr Shaun Swales.

The chapel is situated near Netherton in Northumberland & is a Grade II listed building. The Selby Family were granted the manor of Biddlestoneon in 1272 & lived there for 600 years. In the 14th Century they built a pele tower which was incorporated into a tower house in the 17th Century. In 1715 it was describbed as a freestone structure in the form of a cross.

The Georgian style mansion was built about 1796 on the site of the old house & in about 1820 Walter Selby commissioned architect John Dobson to design a private chapel to be incorporated into the Hall.

The Hall deteriorated following the Selbys leaving in 1914 & was demolished in 1960 leaving only the chapel now in the custody of the Historic Chapels Trust.

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