Sunday, May 15, 2011

Extraordinary Form Mass in St Peter's in Rome

Having just watched Fr Brown's blog (forest murmurs) showing today's EF Mass in St Peter's I was struck by the beauty & solemnity of this form of the Roman Rite. Whilst I accept wholeheartedly that 'the Mass is the Mass is the Mass' how can we not be moved to realise that this form of the sacrifice of the Mass is so much superior to the banality of so many celebrations of the Ordinary Form? Here we saw a large number of priests processing together with 2 bishops & 3 cardinals to the altar of sacrifice to give glory to Our Lord & God. None of that happy-clappy rubbish which is, frankly, more suited to an entertainment centre. Here we saw priests & people gathering to give glory & honour to God using Man's best, but less than perfect, offering in splendour of music & liturgy.
I trust that the bishops of England & Wales see this and realise that this is the form of Mass they should be encouraging among the Catholics of this land. Why? Ad Majorem Dei Gloria - To the greater Glory of God!

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