Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slightly off subject

We have been disturbed this Christmas by the number of cards received bearing non religious stamps. Religious stamps ARE available from post office counters if you request them. I'm sure none of us consider 'Wallace & Grommit' to be suitable subjects to celebrate the birth of Our Saviour & yet we continue to use them. If post offices don't have religious stamps (we've not found any which didn't) then use the ordinary stamps rather than allow the postal authorities to tell us afterwards that no-one purchased religious stamps. Please remember - as the Knights of St Columba tell us - to 'KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS'. Incidentally any Brother of the KSC can obtain stickers for your envelopes bearing this important message.


  1. The Post Office began the practice of issuing special Christmas stamps in the late 1970's, as far as I remember. Initially, and for a good number of years, the custom was to issue religious themed stamps and secular in alternative years. Very recently, both themes were issued each year, with the choice being down to the customer.

    Of the 35 cards I have so far received, 27 were sent with a religious stamp. However, I attempted to purchase my card stamps this morning at Rowlands Gill Post Office, only to be told that they had sold out of the religious stamps, and I had to make do with Wallace and Gromit.

    Apologies to my numerous (?) friends and relatives!

  2. Those stickers are great for putting on cards to be sent to non-Christians and to nominal Christians.

    It would be good if the KSC could also produce some stickers for cards to be sent specifically to non-Catholic-Christians and to nominal Catholics. They could read: "KEEP CHRIST'S MASS IN CHRISTMAS".

    As most of us know, the word Christmas originated as a compound, meaning "Christ's Mass". It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038.

    Christians who celebrate Christmas without attending/praying the Mass should perhaps refer to their celebration of Christmas as "The Nativity" or "The Incarnation". Can one really celebrate Christmas without attending/praying the Mass on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day?

  3. I would add that everyone ought to buy enough religious-themed stamps now for Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012. This is because stamp prices are going up by 12% in April.

    Make sure you buy stamps that say "1st" or "2nd" on them, rather than those which contain a monetary value.

  4. Anyone wanting 'Keep Christ in Christmas' stickers which are produced by the Knights of St Columba should contact me (0191 264 5771) & I will be happy to have them provided (I think about £5 per 1000). It is essential that we Catholics do not allow Christmas to be any more secularised than it already has been.
    I agree with Paul that it would make very good sense (both religiously & financially) to buy as many religious stamps (& others) as we can afford as the next increase (April I believe) will be quite horrendous