Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebrating Mass with the Holy Father

Just heard today that Fr Michael Brown, PP of St Mary's Forest Hall, Northern Chaplain of the LMS & regular celebrant of the EF of Holy Mass, is to concelebrate with Pope Benedict during the Papal Visit later this year. It has been said, ridiculously, that this denigrates the EF of Holy Mass but looking at Summorum Pontificum what the Holy Father is saying is that the EF is equal to the OF & that, therefore, priests can, & indeed should, be celebrating both forms of the Mass. Surely all those of us who love the EF (priests & laity alike) should be glad that His Holiness has made the EF more available to us. Please don't let us go down the road of so many 'liberals' who simply denigrate the EF, let us be grateful to the Pope for what he has done. We have to remember that "the Mass is the Mass is the Mass" in whatever form it is celebrated.

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  1. I`m sorry if I have caused upset. If there had been provision for clergy to attend in white choir I would have taken taht option. I`m not keen on concelebration but it is a legitimate option. Even if I had been able to attend in white choir thhe Pope would still be celebrating the OF. Would my presence at that `denigrate the EF`? I hardly dare say it but I`m celebrating two Masses in the OF this morning!