Saturday, November 8, 2014

All Souls in Liverpool

Today (Saturday) Theresa & I had the great privilege & pleasure of attending a Solemn Requiem Mass at the church of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Liverpool. The Mass was under the auspices of the Order of St Lazarus & was offered for the intentions of past members, friends & benefactors of the Order & the Latin Mass Society.



    It was good to see you both in the pews - as spied from an acolyte's peripheral vision! - and looking so well, too. I could feel your well-trained and expert MC-eye gauging the serving team's performance. I hope we mustered at least a B- (and at least I managed not to set the whole place on fire, which was looking a distinct possibility at one point as things got a little too hot for comfort whilst leaning with that lighted taper across the upper gradine...*yet another note-to-self to never under-estimate beeswax!).

    Apologies for not being able to button-hole you after the Mass (million and one things to clear away, as I know you'll well appreciate...and then, unfortunately I couldn't make it to the meal afterwards).

    It's very sad that we will be losing our EF Masses in Seaforth from November 23rd (a long story, and very hard to accept) but that's the painful reality we've suddenly had to learn to face. Please keep in your prayers the deeply distressed EF "stable group" at OLSS-Seaforth, Liverpool - which has built steadily, from nothing, over five years and can perhaps boast up to 50 souls on regular or semi-regular bases - in this time of trial.

    Fides Invicta!

    AMDG -


  2. Sorry to have missed you too, Greg. Surely such a sizeable group must enable you to retain your EF Masses at such a beautiful church. I'm sure that you & the LMS Rep can talk to Archbishop Malcolm who is, after all, quite friendly to that form having celebrated himself on a number of occasions - once even in cappa magna.
    I was certainly impressed with the serving & knowing how very infrequently the opportunity arises for either Solemn High Mass or Solemn Requiem Mass the efforts were great. Never mind a B- I'll give it A- (the day you reach perfection is the day you give it up!!)