Saturday, May 10, 2014

High Mass at St Joseph's, Gateshead

A Solemn High Mass is planned for Saturday 26th July 2014 to celebrate the martyrdom of John Ingram in Gateshead on that date in 1594. The Mass will be preceded by a procession from close to the site of martyrdom. John Ingram was born in Stoke Edith (Herts) in 1565 & was reconciled or converted to the Church whilst a student at Oxford University. From there he travelled to France & studied for the priesthood under Cardinal William Allen and was ordained in Rome. His first priestly ministry was in mainland Europe but he asked to serve the persecuted Catholics in England. His ship was blown off course & he landed in Dunbar & began serving the Scottish Catholics. As persecution in Scotland grew he escaped to England but was captured at Norham (near Berwick on Tweed). From there he was sent first to Newcastle upon Tyne then to York & finally to the Tower of London where he was 'examined' and tortured by Richard Topcliffe. From there he was sent to York in the company of John Boste & George Swallowell to be tried for treason. They were all, of course, found guilty & John Ingram was sent to Gateshead for execution which took place on 26th July 1594. He was aged 29 years. The site of his martyrdom is close to the present day Holy Trinity Church.

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