Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Help the Little Sisters of the Poor

Many will already be aware through our diocesan LMS newsletter that Theresa & I are quite involved in fundraising for St Joseph's Home in Newcastle. We collect many items which we can turn into cash to help provide funds for the elderly who are looked after by the sisters. We collect old military medals (any conflict, any country), gold & silver (broken chains, earring backs etc) & used postage stamps (including old albums or just the stamps off letters). Over the years we have managed to raise over £3500.00 in this way & even tiny amounts can, when put with other tiny amounts, result in worthwhile funds. Please help us & be remembered in the prayers & Masses of the sisters.

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  1. Just to add that we also collect foreign (or old British) currency both notes & coins.
    Many airlines & airports ask for your unused holiday money but do you know what it might be used for? Perhaps contraception or abortion. If you give it to us it will be used totally to help the sisters in a proper Catholic ethos.
    Please help & send to;

    David & Theresa O'Neill
    34 Morston Drive
    Dumpling Hall Estate
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE15 7RZ
    Tel: 0191 264 5771