Monday, December 9, 2013

Just back from holiday

Having just returned from holiday I hope that 'someone' will describe the High Mass celebrated at St Joseph's, Gateshead to mark the Silver Jubilee of his ordination on 19th November. PLEASE!!!!!!!! Several other events took place during the time we spent swanning around the Caribbean Islands on board MV Marco Polo. We missed the annual meeting of Local Representatives in London but trust that a precis of what took place will be forthcoming (LMS HO please note). Our Mass schedule for Christmas has just been submitted and includes Midnight Mass at St Wilfred's in Gateshead on Christmas Eve and the usual Masses at Sunday times at Barnard Castle and Thornley. There will be no regular Thursday Mass at Coxhoe on 26th December but these will recommence on Thursday 2nd January 2014. I close by thanking our priests, Frs Brown, Elkin, Swales, Dickson, Phillips & Tully for their continued sterling work in celebrating the EF Masses for us. I couple these thanks with our wishes for a Happy & Holy Christmas and a Peaceful & Healthy New Year. These wishes we extend to all readers.

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