Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have until very recently supported civil partnerships, not as an alternative to same sex marriage but to give civil rights to ANY 2 persons wishing to legalise a relationship. I meant that a brother & sister should be able to enter a civil partnership as should 2 brothers or 2 sisters but ONLY as a means of protecting joint assets or to cover an unexpected death or something similar. Having now been made clearly aware of the thoughts of Pope Benedict, some of my priest friends and now the writings of Professor Roberto de Mattei, I totally change my position and no longer support such partnerships. The question answered was whether the 'partners' meant the partnership to protect themselves legally or to circumvent the situation whereby such partnerships were simply a cover for illicit same sex relationships of a sexual nature. I am now persuaded that this is generally the case and that there are other means of legally protecting their rights. I RECANT!!

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