Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our new Pope

So on Tuesday 14th March 2013 the cardinals of the Church gather in conclave to elect our new Pope, the successor of St Peter (& more recently) of Benedict XVI. As good Catholics we must & will accept their choice but should this preclude us from praying for the candidate(s) we prefer? Can we not pray to the Holy Ghost that he will guide the cardinals to choose a candidate who will not undo all the good done by Benedict XVI? Can we not pray that our new Pope will compel the hierarchies to be more pro-active in promoting the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass? Pope Benedict instructed that seminarians should be trained in both forms of the celebration of Mass & yet we hear of seminaries which not only do not follow this instruction but have actually forbidden the celebration of the EF in the college. Our prayer must be; "Give us a holy Pope & give us one who will have the strength of character to renew the Church in tradition & who will weed out the evils of whatever kind which beset Holy Mother Church at this point in history."

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