Thursday, December 27, 2012

A quotation to ponder

Recently the Cistercian monastery of Mariawald has reverted to the 1962 liturgical books & re-reordered the sanctuary to reinstate the High Altar. The abbot, Dom Joseph Vallberg, is quoted as saying (in a much longer article regarding the changes) "Communion on the tongue also leads to deeper adoration" Surely we must all (especially our bishops)be prepared to take stock of the (often) casual way in which laity receive the Body of Christ & take steps to reintroduce the more adoring manner of reception on the tongue & kneeling. I recall many years ago, just after the introduction of Communion in the hand, a prominent non-Catholic being quoted as saying "If I believed, as you claim to do, that the bread & wine were truly the Body & Blood of Jesus Christ I would approach the Sacrament crawling on my belly" Not so many years ago I asked a prominent & senior diocesan cleric if I might receive Holy Comminion on the tongue as my hands were not consecrated & therefore unworthy to touch the Body of Christ. His response worried me as he said "Hold out your hands & I will bless them for you." I would like to hope that he reads Dom Joseph's quotation!!

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