Monday, November 5, 2012

Proposed new Mass venue in Hexham & Newcastle

Totally due to a local LMS member we are in process of setting up a new Mass venue in the south of the diocese. Carl Watson who, together with his sons, presently attends and serves at St Mary's, Barnard Castle, approached the Parish Council of St Augustine's Church in Darlington to request an EF Mass in the parish. It was made clear to him that this could not replace a current Mass but that an additional Mass could be arranged. To test the water, a monthly Mass is proposed. The parish priest was unable to celebrate the Mass and Fr Elkin from Barnard Castle felt he had enough on his plate so the question of a priest was raised. I offered to approach Fr Paul Tully, a hospital chaplain based at Easington Lane, who taught himself to celebrate the EF and celebrates it privately. He has also supplied at one or two Sunday EF Masses. He responded very quickly and positively and so we are now in process of arranging a suitable midweek monthly Mass to begin with. Hopefully this should be up and running early in 2013. AMDG. Well done Mr & Mrs Watson for your endeavours.

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