Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Communion in the hand illicit in England & Wales?

The 'Catholic Herald' (3rd Sept 1999) quoted Cardinal Basil Hume's letter, written before his death, as saying:

"Communion in the hand, moving the Blessed Sacrament from the High Altar, failure to genuflect have, in my experience,weakened the respect and devotion to so great a Sacrament."

Permission for this practice from Rome clearly states:

"The condition [for this permission] is the complete avoidance of any cause for the faithful to be shocked and any danger of irreverence towards the Eucharist."

In Cardinal Hume's judgement then this condition has not been met, so when we take his (the Head of the Church in England and Wales) comments along with the above from Rome, there can be little doubt that Communion in the hand is illicit in England and Wales. Is there a Catholic bishop who will now ban this abuse?

Please kneel and hold out your tongue to receive Our Lord in Communion.

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