Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Disasters in the Church following Vatican II

Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Michigan (USA) has spoken out about the fact that many Catholics - including bishops & clergy - took liberties with both our liturgy & catechesis in the period following VII. So much so that in many cases we now have Catholics teaching a watered down version of the Faith. They themselves were, largely, brought up in the post VII era & they themselves were taught this version. As Bishop Sample says "a little like the blind leading the blind."

Annibale Bugnini comes in for scathing comment with regard to the way in which he attempted (& largely succeeded) in 'protestantising' the Mass but others went even further in following his lead.

Let us pray for an increase in the celebrations of the Extraordinary Form of Mass which served our Church so well for so many generations & centuries.

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