Monday, August 22, 2011

Communion kneeling & on the tongue

Once again our Holy Father shows his wishes graphically.

At the WYD Mass for Seminarians in Madrid this week Pope Benedict once again showed his will with regard to the reception of Holy Communion. All communicants knelt before the Blessed Sacrament and communicated on the tongue. We hope that our bishops note this and act.

Many bishops throughout the world have come to the realisation that standing to receive Holy Communion and then taking the sacred host into the hand is an unworthy way to approach our Lord and God. The situation has reached the state where laity consider it their 'RIGHT' to receive Communion in this manner. Wrong!! It is not a 'right' but a practice allowed by our bishops. The reception in this manner was allowed by Rome retrospectively following the unauthorised institution of the practice by some European bishops. In other words a wrongful act was legalised.

Perhaps we, the laity, should set an example to our hierarchy by insisting on receiving the Body of Christ in an respectful and adoring way - on the tongue and kneeling.

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