Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confirmations in the Extraordinary Form

As many of you know we approached Bishop Cunningham some time ago with the request for Confirmations in the EF here in the diocese of Hexham & Newcastle. The bishop's first response was that he would consider it. With no further response forthcoming we again wrote to the bishop in January asking for the fruits of his consideration. His response was that he would not confer the sacrament himself but would delegate one of the diocesan priests to do so in his stead. At present that response is being considered with LMS members in the diocese being asked for their thoughts.

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  1. This is a great announcement since it indicates the willingness of Bishop Cunningham to support those members of his flock who prefer the Extraordinary Form, as well as a willingness to allow the younger members of that flock to experience their Catholic heritage for themselves.

    I am always pleased to see a Bishop showing such support since this may well lead priests to dismantle their discomfort with the Extraordinary Form which, to be honest, while being the Form of Mass that produced saints and sustained martyrs for centuries during times of persecution, all-but became the persecuted itself.