Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayers (& more) needed to save Ushaw

As many of you will be aware Paul Waddington (Treasurer of LMS) is privately trying to put together a business plan to save Ushaw College. I am led to believe that the matter may be drawn to the attention of the Curia as we have to have faith that the college can be saved but that it must be re-constituted so that Latin is a required subject and that both forms of the Mass are taught. We all expected that 'Summorum Pontificum' would solve most of the problems existing for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite but, sadly, not all bishops have taken Pope Benedict's wishes to heart. Some archbishops and bishops have shown support for this form of the Mass and have celebrated it within their dioceses but, again sadly, these prelates are in the vast minority. It seems as if we, the laity, must show more Faith in the future of our Church than do most of the hierarchy (or at least those who are Trustees of Ushaw College). We should be prepared to offer prayers and Masses for the intention of retaining Ushaw College as a seminary wherein our future priests will be trained. We, the laity, pay for the training of our priests through the Priests' Training Fund but we may have to do more, we may be asked to, again, contribute to the support of our seminaries. Please pray for this intention and watch for news of other avenues which might be explored.

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