Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mass in St Mary's Cathedral

We are delighted to announce that agreement has been reached with Fr Peter Leighton (Cathedral Dean) for an Extraordinary Form Solemn High Mass to be celebrated in St Mary's Cathedral on Saturday 20th November 2010 at 11.30am, the Feast of St Felix de Valois. We are hoping to follow the Mass with a social get together, probably in a local hotel. We aim to provide a buffet but regret that we will need to ask you to pay. The intention is to have the Proper of the Mass in Gregorian Chant and the Ordinary in polyphony. Our own diocesan priests will be the sacred ministers. Please encourage everyone to attend. Priests will be made most welcome and are invited to attend in choir. Bishop Seamus Cunningham has also been invited to attend in choir. More details will be given as we progress.

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